The first thing to do to optimize your SEO on Amazon is to conduct a thorough research on...
2020-07-20 10:05:07
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How to improve SEO on Amazon

Some tips to follow

The first thing to do to optimize your SEO on Amazon is to conduct a thorough research on keywords. Are there any special tools but you can always consider how to move the competition and studying an ad hoc strategy. Once you have the keywords we proceed with the following steps:
- You add the keywords searched in all sections of the card, including a title, description and characteristics of the article
- You use high quality pictures taken professionally
- It focuses on the description of all the benefits for the customer, trying to be as specific as possible.
Of course, if you choose to proceed with the sponsored, you must make sure that the ads contain the keywords previously established and included in the product pages. It would be a shame to waste so many new leads because among the descriptions of the content does not include the words typed by users on the search bar. That's as it should be sponsored on Amazon:
- Relevant to the keyword research
- Profit for the potential customer
- Convincing and centered in buying the product
a product page
able to successfully convert, however, must have the following characteristics:
- a complete description of the product
- images (and video) high quality
- Available for Shipping with Amazon Prime
- a catchy title but consistent with product specifications
Following these steps will result to more interactions with the page and bounce rate rates lower. Once Amazon will realize that the product description is appropriate and that the price is appropriate, conversions will start showing up.
If we want to generate more leads for sponsored products serve a continuous work on the shape of its contents. Include, for example, words in the title of the product that are very relevant and engaging, so as to arouse interest among users and be in line with the competition.
In most cases, the problems lie in optimizing the keywords to fit into standard Amazon BSR evaluations or in response to customer requests in the item description. Our invitation is to carefully analyze all these parameters and try to fill the gaps with the utmost thoroughness.