Despite the boom of social influencers, and in advertising, one of the most effective and...
2020-07-07 10:26:31
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Email Marketing: why and how to use it

A powerful resource often overlooked

Despite the boom of social influencers, and in advertising, one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools for companies still remains the email. Before advancing in the discussion you need to know some statistics, in our view essential for the understanding of the topic.
According to Adobe, almost all email addresses owners open their box at least once a day.
  • Half the world's population uses e-mail (the number now stands at 3.8 billion users).
  • An email marketing campaign managed properly can yield around € 45 for every € spent.
  • The email is 40 times more effective in securing potential customers than any social platform.
  • 59% of people surveyed in a recent study of Hubspot.com said the promotional emails have influenced their purchases.
  • The average rate of opening the email is 22.86%, with a 3.71% engagement rate (CTR), which is far above the 0.58 rate of involvement % of social media.
Email marketing gives first and foremost an opportunity to leverage the greatest weakness of each client: make him feel special.
Customers appreciate being pampered, and managing to make inroads in their heart are obtained remarkable results. With email marketing, businesses can create custom content to be sent to individual customers, making them feel special and cherished. Personalization can from the simple inclusion of a customer name in the header with the wishes on his birthday.
Here are some interesting points to design an effective email marketing campaign.

Create targeted content

Regardless of the size of a company, there are always two types of targets: existing and potential customers. Email marketing makes it easy to segment customers into these two categories, each providing the right kind of content that meets specific needs.

Using feedback and surveys

You can not improve the relationship with customers if you do not know what they think of the brand or company in question. The solution is to create special surveys with which to get feedback and customer reviews on the service and how to improve it.

Increase sales

The goal of any marketing campaign is to create a funnel (the so-called funnel) lasting leading to a steady stream of purchases. This is achieved by informing customers about the active offers, refreshing the memory to those who do not buy for a long time inviting him right through discounts and exclusive promotions.

Generate traffic on any platform

Once published content on a particular platform, it is recommended to warn users via e-mail the arrival of the aforementioned new content.
Thanks to the excellent CTR and the high percentage of emails opened, a good percentage of people reached opens, reads and clicks the link in the newsletter to go to the site or the target platform.

To enhance its public

Writing in a blog post that helps users by offering advice and suggestions, there is a risk that is not seen. The same applies to the post on the company, which if published at the wrong time are immediately submerged, never to be found. Instead, using the means email you can be sure that in one way or another, their contents will be inspected at least.

Create an audience

likelihood that customers ignore the commercials and sponsored posts on social or on a website are high. This is because usually the post appear to certain customers based on algorithms of those platforms without their explicit consent.
With email marketing, however, it is quite rare to see someone ignore the news, considering that registration is voluntary. In short, the customer is already set to receive the content at issue. So, assuming that you have not bombard the tedious and repetitive content will always be available to take a look at all inoltrategli n