The United States and China are experiencing serious trade tensions. Since Donald Trump took...
2020-05-22 11:41:01
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Other US sanctions for Huawei and China threatens Apple

The ongoing trade war

The United States and China are experiencing serious trade tensions. Since Donald Trump took office in the White House several embargoes and sanctions against Chinese companies they were signed. One of them is Huawei, blacklisted at risk intelligence companies for Xi Jinping government. Now it turns out that there could also be serious repercussions for American companies, including Apple.

Chinese Revenge

Apparently the Chinese government is preparing his "revenge" to put itself in difficulty the Trump administration. This stems from the two latest actions taken by the White House. The first is the block of semiconductor shipments to Huawei and the second is the extension of the ban on US companies to use Huawei equipment. This latter measure would expire in about a month, but Trump announced that it will be extended for another year.
Recall that the decree signed in May last year declared a national emergency and forbade American companies to use telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies that pose a risk to national security. It's been about a year since the ban began to Huawei, which prevented it from suppliers and partners, including Google. Huawei was compelled to launch two top smartphone without Google services like Play Store and the suite of Android apps. This has led to a drastic drop in sales and forced the company to develop a proprietary operating system with an adjoining store.

The possible consequences

The Chinese counter-plan to the American companies would already nearly completed. It points to several multinationals (even outside of tech) that manufacture their products in China. At the forefront are Apple but also Cisco Systems, Qualcomm and Boeing Co.
China is ready to enter the US manufacturing company based in its territory within its blacklist. It would be a tremendous backlash for the companies targeted, and especially for consumers, who are already faced with an unjustified price increase in products and services in the technology / computer industry because of the emergency CO