Several restaurant owners and employees in the sector have already expressed doubts and concerns...
2020-05-22 11:42:11
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tired Restaurateurs of third-party commissions are seeking an alternative

And in fact there are many

Several restaurant owners and employees in the sector have already expressed doubts and concerns on sites and apps that offer home delivery services. The main problem concerns the commissions, almost unanimously considered too high and unsustainable in the long run.
The more willing you are organizing with even on social groups, where they are put on display all the places that offer takeaway and home delivery in a given geographical area.
everything to minimize losses in this dark period and avoid paying substantial percentages to the various Glovo, Just Eat and the like.
Several bars and restaurants that before the pandemic did not offer takeout and delivery services now have to necessarily adapt, but at what cost? Even a few Euros to order can make a difference and percentage 20-30% are heavy for the work already at risk of closure.

Who makes their own ...

Restaurateurs say you still willing to use third-party services where they have reasonable fees, but it is always better to have one directly managed by the . Now that it applies the social distancing the home orders increased exponentially, as well as those online for removal.
Many have even changed modus operandi and corporate policies to cover market niches ignored previously. Bakeries are also dedicated to the rotisserie, pastry think with first and second, and many other activities are beginning to experiment in other areas expanding its audience.

The most effective response

Use social is comfortable but have a platform dedicated to advertising and to order online is ideal at a time when digitization for companies becomes increasingly important. Have a wonderfully modern, powerful, flexible and easy to use is all the more crucial to be competitive and stay afloat.
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