The Telegram Messaging app will give its users the ability to make group video calls by the end...
2020-05-22 11:43:03
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Telegram promises group calls by the end of 2020

A function to beat the competition?

The Telegram Messaging app will give its users the ability to make group video calls by the end of 2020. The Russian company has announced that it is a great demand function and especially useful in a time when we tend to stay in touch with friends and loved ones away.
At the moment it is only from the app can make voice calls to the desktop and between two parties at a time. It is therefore assumed that the feature may be introduced on both the mobile and desktop in the same period.
Telegram also published its monthly numbers, which now number more than 400 million users, about double compared to two years ago. The app created by Pavel Durov, a young computer genius who founded the company VK, reached about 1.5 million daily active users.
Video calls, asked in a loud voice from the community Telegram, they will come "soon" according to the PR company. Although currently there are not many details about, there are rumors that you are trying to make the operation as safe as possible, to avoid the slips of competitors such as Zoom, Facebook and Skype.

The Thousand functionality Telegram

Telegram has always worked well, ensuring encryption end to end really reliable and many unique features then "copied" by other more famous applications. For example the ability to delete messages on a retroactive basis without a trace, or create chat self-destructing. During the protests that took place in Hong Kong, Telegram has also introduced a feature to allow users to further protect your identity.
There is even a quiz feature, through which users can create questionnaires (for educational purposes and not) complete with a snippet and annotations. Not to mention the myriad of stickers (stickers), and GIF in high quality available in the enormous directory app, something which can be added to those created by users.
no coincidence that today's Telegram app social media most downloaded in over 20 countries. It is true that 400 million are nothing compared to 2 billion WhatsApp, but be less widespread does not mean lower quality to be an option, even in this case it's true just the reverse.
Even other communication services are seeing an increase in customers. Zoom, for example, has gained 100 million new users in the past weeks, Meet Google about 2 million per day, and so on. It seems that after the addition of the calls of the group Telegram growth trend is destined to soar even more. That is certainly good for us consum