The most common question asked by owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in this period is:...
2020-05-22 11:43:44
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How to deal with and overcome the post-crisis COVID

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For small and medium enterprises

The most common question asked by owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in this period is: how to deal with post-COVID crisis? The answer may not be unique to all productive sectors, since in industry and transport (just to name two) to change the modus operandi of a sudden it becomes physically impossible. For categories that instead enjoy a certain flexibility, more or less unanimous answer is digitalizzarsi.
Our experience tells us that the territory too often, and talk about the times before the pandemic, local companies relied exclusively to retail purchase in the store, the city / provincial word of mouth. It was possible to talk about internet only in relation to the classical static small page on Facebook, often badly managed and neglected until the complete uselessness.

A required step

The fact is that, if before some companies could afford to snub the major web platforms now have an online presence and be able to do business through a screen is crucial. And attention is not enough to have social profiles to define competitive but need clear strategies, editorial plans specially designed and websites or e-commerce able to support the request.
The website, in our opinion, it is essential for any kind of business today. It must first of all meet the standards for proper indexing Google and SEO to achieve top positions in search results. Secondly it must possess a modern interface, simple to understand and use in key user accessibility especially on furniture. Also it needs a backend (classic control panel) for immediate use for the operator.
Surely this would be a huge step forward and a safe and secure investment. But what happens when even the competition adopts the same method? The difference is in the details, and above all the will to grow and go beyond simple enough. It means, in essence, that the same online presence, check who devotes more effort in the care of their image and content, offering exciting news for users on a regular basis.

Winning Marketing Strategies

Examples could be released daily or weekly blog articles, interesting posts on social, time-offers and anything else that could be cultivated an interest in the brand in question. Users like to feel part of what they buy and nourish the involvement goes hand in hand with making sure that they return to spend. Having a clear plan digital marketing, in these cases, always pays.
The goal, in short, is not to create a website to create any but the best website according to your availability. Subsequently enrich the site content more original and interesting in key SEO, entrusting the management company experts or follow a precise editorial plan. It seems an excessive burden for small and medium enterprises, but in reality there are tools that can facilitate the work to employees greatly.
One of these is WebSEO, our flagship software that allows anyone to be able to achieve incredible results on the web. We ve we've talked about in previous articles but now more than ever it is necessary to reiterate the concept: invest in an effective web presence is absolutely required if you want to address and overcome the post-crisis CO