The CMS (contentmanagementsystem) is a software used to build and manage websites in a simplified...
2020-05-22 11:44:48
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The final list of software to create websites

The CMS (contentmanagementsystem) is a software used to build and manage websites in a simplified way, with several customization options and components to be installed as a plugin. The CMS are particularly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises, as you can find a comfortable and efficient even at low price.
In addition, local companies sites usually do not require advanced features, so long as the design software has an intuitive interface and is easy to use even for users with little knowledge of computer systems.
Here are the 5 best CMS on the market:

5 - Drupal

One of the most popular open source content management systems on the market. Its main advantages include functionality, flexibility, customization and a wide variety of plugins. However, Drupal requires advanced knowledge in the installation and modification of third-party components, and has a defect that many CMS bring with them.

4 - Joomla

Joomla CMS is an easy to use and comes with a fairly intuitive dashboard. There are many third-party components available for this software, and since it is an open source, the elements are fully customizable for all your needs, as long as you know how to program. The learning curve can be very steep, and if its use is recommended for experts only.

3 - Wix

Wix has a reputation for being one of the CMS platforms easier to use. It has an intuitive interface, a series of plug-in very basic and integration of third-party tools such as Google Analytics. However, there are some limitations related to the integration of more complex instruments. Therefore, we would not recommend the most experienced and the marketers.

2 - Wordpress

Probably the most popular option due to its functionality, multiple hosting options and almost infinite themes park. Wordpress is an open source solution that does not require special programming skills. Given the heavy reliance by the CMS plugin, however, it is likely to become too confusing and easily weighed down by all the installed material.

1 - WebSEO

WebSEO is an emerging Italian product that is revolutionizing the world of CMS. Among his most significant features are automatic translation in over 90 languages, automatic SEO optimization to finish first in the search results on Google and automatic sharing on social of all that you publish. In addition, it requires no computer knowledge, in view of the extreme simplicity of its control panel.
If you are building a website, WebSEO is the best solution for you, being the only CMS simultaneously flexible, functional and simple to use. Other CMS allow you to create complex and customized websites to the last graphic, but require much more knowledge and information technology expertise. Write in section contacts for more info on the best CMS aro