In this difficult period for all categories, many companies are looking into the situation in...
2020-05-22 11:45:39
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The major challenge for companies in times of crisis

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Focusing on digital marketing intelligently

In this difficult period for all categories, many companies are looking into the situation in optical marketing. Consumer behaviors have changed and so the way to approach the business.
The effects on the market have already been huge but we are just beginning. A recent study examined two of the biggest challenges for companies in the COVID-19 times, or the management of priorities and organization of the budget.
According to the study, 56% of the examined companies consider the management of the priorities and strategies of shifting some of the key issues to focus on in this historical moment.
An example would be those who planned to participate in fairs, events and conferences (ifnothostthem) then having to fold quickly on virtual events.
Anyone expansive projects on the horizon was forced to suspend or rework them with manpower and lower budgets. Some people chose to engage in side projects that may now be timely and effective in today's market. Who he had so far ignored the e-commerce part or in general, the digital marketing now points us vehemently, and with good reason.

Priorities and budget

Delocalizzarsi and not surrender to the geographical limitations is more important than ever today. An example would be the small village pub, in the face of the crisis, opened an online store dedicated to spirits performing nationwide shipments. Dynamic and creative idea to generate profits and increase the authority of its brand.
And since many priorities have changed, the investments that are doing the marketing departments were affected. Not surprisingly, in fact, that investing in live events is now considered heavily unsuccessful. It is consequently divert the budget to different channels, including:
  • Create Virtual Event
  • Web Content
  • Webinar
  • Social Media
  • blog articles
  • Video

These categories are considered more effective and safe with regard to the investment market side. And it is not only the guidelines for companies but also for associations and professionals, in order to survive the emergency COVID offering innovative services to their customers.
must, now more than ever, think outside the box and know how to re-invent, adapt, evolve. It is not just an issue on which to focus temporarily, but something that starts now and then exploit it in the long term. The digital marketing has its weight and sooner or later every company, regardless of its size, it will have to come to terms.

How to recover

This is why we must start now to climb the peak of the search engines and build online platforms based on performance and results. WebSEO offers the possibility to be competitive to brands with web experience equal to zero, the light of a simplified management of all operations and an SEO indexing system to near perfection parameters according to Google.
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