Slow Site or limping connection? This is the dilemma. When a website loads slowly, often we blame...
2020-05-22 11:47:03
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Google Chrome: new feature to label the slow sites

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It is the user experience

Slow Site or limping connection? This is the dilemma. When a website loads slowly, often we blame our internet without considering that the net is full of incredibly low performance sites. To shed light on the issue, Google announced a plan to identify and label the slow web sites, based on the user's device and network status.
is thought to an alert overlay during page load, such as a caution icon and text that reads "usually loads slowly." A quick web site, by contrast, can show a green progress bar at the top of the page instead of a blue one.
The long-term goal of Chrome will be to identify and mark the Web sites that offer experiences "high quality", including precisely the loading speed. The categorization process will include more stringent criteria to be implemented gradually over time. It will then be up to the developers do their best to make the user experience as smooth and enjoyable.

User experience first

A web faster and more usable benefits Google, because it helps the company to better serve its users on the mobile. Since 2015, the majority of research on Google starts from mobile devices. That change has required new ways to index and rank pages, so that navigation was also optimized for low-end smart device owners and slow connections.
Google now mainly uses the mobile version of a site when indexing and offers quick AMP pages to help mobile users to get information more quickly. Hence the need to also adapt the other sites to keep up focusing on performance improvements.
This type of functionality would help especially Google users in emerging markets, such as India, where the connections still struggling to reach speeds of optical fiber and low-end smartphones represent a large majority of market.

The solution

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