News a few days ago is that soon will become free for merchants to list the products in the form...
2020-05-22 11:51:56
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Google Shopping becomes free and accessible to all

But who will still pay the

News a few days ago is that soon will become free for merchants to list the products in the form of search results on Google Shopping.
The SEO specialists and owners of sites that focus primarily on organic search can, for the first time, to add to their Google Shopping online instrumentation.
The change will be effective by the end of the month in the US research results with plans to expand globally later this year.
To explain its decision, Google cites the fact that companies in difficulties can not afford to pay for Google Product Search listings at this historic moment.
"As consumers are increasingly buying online, they are looking not only essential goods but also toys, clothing and household items.
Although this represents an opportunity for revenge for companies in difficulty, many can not afford to do it on a large scale. "
With digital commerce that it currently represents a lifeline for both merchants and consumers, Google's move is a key player in the web marketing strategies of many companies. The advantages are quite obvious for all.
Retailers will get a great free window in front of millions of people every day looking for products on Google.
Customers will find more products from more stores, including less known.
Advertisers will see their pay enhanced campaigns by the possibility of free Google Shopping.
For new sellers will be required to create a Merchant Center account, since all listings in Google Shopping depend on the product feed uploaded within the platform.
Along with this monumental change to Shopping, Google also has a partnership with PayPal.
Traders can then link their PayPal accounts to Google Shopping to speed up invoicing procedures.
PayPal joins the rest of the Google Partner on Shopping, including Shopify, and BigCommerce WooCommerce.
However the paid listings will continue to exist, and will have a placement in evidence at the top of Google Shopping tab.
In addition, the paid cards will be the only show in the carousel of ads with product details on Google Search.
In short, there are still advantages in paying for advertising on shopping, but the demolition of the paywall is already an important step towards the opening of the largest digital market to average users.
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