The link building is still a key part of SEO, although he lost the relevance of the past. Thanks...
2020-05-22 11:52:42
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Because link building is still important for SEO

In every aspect

The link building is still a key part of SEO, although he lost the relevance of the past. Thanks to it a website can broaden its reach and entertain different type relationships with other pages or portals on the web. It mainly constitutes of three elements.
Internal link
Internal links are the ones that lead you to other pages on the same website. The structure that are connected to internal pages to determine the outcome of the SEO link building level in the site concerned. It is a fairly widespread practice and safe, unlike external links which can often result in errors or penalties from Google if deemed unreliable. More pages on the same site are connected to each other, the more high performance in terms of SEO.
External links send users to other websites. The connection to different sites can often provide useful information and improve the browsing experience if there was a need to perform certain actions or acquire complementary elements from the starting site.
Choose not to have external links is to say to Google that you do not trust the outside world, and in the long run could reduce the chances of getting links from other sites parts. At the same time, however, they are not necessary as the internal ones in SEO.
Backlinks usually generate the most traffic. Thanks to them the other websites help to increase the authority (domain authority). This improves the positioning and helps users to discover the brand.
The ideal would be to get backlinks from high authority websites, but also the relevance plays an important role. It is definitely better to receive a link from a site with a medium-low ranking for the sector in question rather than a noble site that has nothing to do with the industry or the context of the start page.
For example, to receive a backlink from a popular recipe site might not be worth much in terms of SEO if present within an e-commerce site that sells furniture. The relevance of the arguments is important to Google.
Backlinks help pages to be found and read by new users. With WebSEO You can get more out of link building with a reliable SEO backlink building service. If you need your SEO is focused on creating links or even free alternatives link, please do not hesitate to ask for more information via the Contact Us section.