Customer reviews Web impacting heavily on the ranking on search engines, especially locally. SEO...
2020-04-20 10:50:51
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And bring significant benefits

Customer reviews Web impacting heavily on the ranking on search engines, especially locally. SEO Several studies have already shown that online reviews, or rather the keywords used in them, are the most important factor in local search, particularly with Google Local Pack and Google Maps. This results in a higher percentage of clicks and more conversions.
But specifically, as do customer reviews on the web to improve the SEO? First
are a constant source of fresh and relevant content to searches. One of the main factors that a search engine considers is the frequency with which new content on the site and what their contents are consistent with each other are added. Obviously not everyone has the time to update your site with great regularity, and in that case the user reviews can be of great help in SEO perspective.
If you do so that customers leave reviews on website, social and other sharing platforms, it can be shown to Google and similar that their business is flourishing and especially essential for those who use it.
reviews, in fact, generate SEO attributes. They use all the tools to improve the ranking in searches including keywords, internal links and backlinks. The online reviews exploit the textual contents of customers by creating links and indexing keywords to improve your ranking almost automatically.
They also help you choose the long tail keywords. Most keywords are very competitive terms of general research. The Long Tail (ie long tail keywords) are more specific, much less competitive and easier to classify. However, determining which keywords are really effective in the long tail may be difficult. The analysis of online reviews help you determine which phrases are actually used by customers when they talk about you to create the best long tail keywords.
reviews are useful for SEO Automatic or manual. The search algorithms and spiders / crawlers are not the only ones to analyze websites. Google also uses real people call 'the quality of research evaluators' who are required to judge, among other things, parameters such as reputation, expertise, popularity and honesty. Positive customer reviews are effective for both evaluation methods.
Using them properly increase the percentage of clicks and conversions. Several surveys have shown that the star ratings appear in the search results is the first and most important factor that consumers consider when they ponder a purchase. Some studies also show that a good assessment in terms of stars can increase click rates by up to 35%. The Spiegel Research Center found that the positive reviews can increase conversion rates by about 270%.
reviews of online customers are a powerful tool to improve SEO and increase the percentage of clicks and conversions, but only if it takes the resources to exploit them effectively. It is no coincidence of WebSEO is a review system connected to the major online assessment tools, Google My Business in the first place, thanks to which the ranking in the top search results and the lieviteranno visits increases in a short time.