Since Google went from being a search engine to a motor response (with questions and answers...
2020-04-14 11:22:02
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Searches zero clicks and Google competition: how to combat

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Dilemmas of web marketing in 2020

Since Google went from being a search engine to a motor response (with questions and answers already on the front page) the number of searches to zero clicks has risen significantly. It is estimated that in 2019 more than half of the investigations are completed without the user to open a single web site in the results. Because of this, many companies have suffered traffic declines exponential thwarting among other things, investments in advertising campaigns.
The long symbiosis between users, search engine and business is over. Google has become a universal competitor. This major trend is accompanied by two smaller ones. On the one hand, Google gives priority to ads than all other results, even his. The result is a platform where the result depends on the amount you spend on adwords. On the other hand, the few organic results they get traffic and do not come from Google always belong to the same circle of privileged (famous newspapers and corporations).
But the biggest problem is another: although no users are forced to use the quick results of Google and can simply scroll down, there is a trend almost always for the fastest solution, the zero-click . From about 20 years companies have relied to search results on Google for marketing and advancing their core business. Entire companies and industries have been built on a platform that is now changing radically.
This trend has sparked several lawsuits against the California-based company. Yelp is one of many to have sued Alphabet, Google's parent company, for unfair promotion of its services. Genius Media filed a complaint against Google for the lyrics of the songs that appear in the search results and a letter of more than 40 companies asked the European Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager to regulate Google Shopping.
The fusion of high-quality search results with an advertising bidding system has created one of the most efficient business models of the story: Google reported a revenue growth nearly every quarter and does putting live competition with its own customers.
This gives it power on demand and holds the most complete picture of web traffic that a business could get. It possesses not only the biggest search engine, but also the second (YouTube), the most widely used operating system (Android) and the most widely used browser (Chrome).
to its business Google uses a "freemium" model associated with integrated products intelligently. You can use almost all products free of charge, which favors the spread. The Google integrations, such as using Google Drive in Gmail or booking flights on Google search, so you integrate well with each other that it is almost impossible for competitors, the best websites, approach.
What could be a solution? Fighting the hegemony of Google and searches for zero click from within, adapting to every algorithm change to stay one step ahead whenever the meshes shake. To do this we do not need devote morning and evening to the development of web marketing plans or expensive advertising campaigns but to adopt an efficient and proactive system like WebSEO.
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