The importance of social media and the visibility impact they offer online are often...
2019-02-19 10:12:50
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How to make the most of YouTube

The importance of social media and the visibility impact they offer online are often underestimated. Those dedicated to video content, in particular, more often than not are not properly exploited in a marketing perspective. This is because they are (wrongly) considered suitable for a minor public and moreover they require a considerable time to be optimally realized.

Yet the business on YouTube had never been so prosperous and accessible. As for videos, the Google platform is the best on the web and as many as 8 out of 10 users access it regularly on a daily basis. We are therefore talking about a real substitute for television, used by companies and start-ups from around the world to reach a vast public.

But how can you make the most of it to advertise your business? First of all create a channel of your brand, in order to give the idea of ​​professionalism and reliability. Secondly, focus on short and concise contents, maybe under two minutes of duration. It has been shown that videos of this length absorb about 50% of YouTube views.

It is also advisable to schedule the release of new content with a publishing plan. Posting videos on a regular basis means engaging the audience by giving them regular appointments that closely resemble television programming. To check the flow of viewers from time to time it is necessary to use Analytics and study your strategies based on the answer obtained. Data such as viewing time and average age of the public are fundamental in creating content aimed at specific circles.

Finally the promotion, which can be done with and without a budget. The first method involves the use of AdWords, Google's proprietary advertising system. Product advertisements may appear before a popular video, in the form of banners on websites or through highlighting in the side space dedicated to videos recommended on YouTube. The other method consists of dissemination through social media and websites, always effective and above all free.