Standard Package For € 590 Instead Of € 1500

 Standard package for € 590 instead of € 1500

In summary

A website is not a material good subject to wear but a permanent business card that can often decide the fate of an activity. There are those who choose savings and find themselves almost always with a static portal, poor in features, not optimized for SEO and obsolete after a short time.

This, in the culinary field, is equivalent to eating in a fast food restaurant, where you spend the bare minimum and fill your belly at the least worst. Now, instead, imagine a Michelin restaurant, prized and complete with everything but with affordable prices. This is WebSEO, the best platform for websites in circulation, from today on special offer in an included package of:

- SEO indexing on Google and other search engines
- Translation of WebSEO in more than 20 languages ​​
- Automatic sharing of content on the main social networks
- Indexing in the main search engines of 50 countries in the world
- Programming of sharing digital content on social networks
- Online booking and payment management system
- Newsletter system for sending email to customers